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Hi there--- my hubby is covered with P everywhere, do you find one area flairs up then dies down again? constant itching and flaking, hes had 2 lots of light treatment and found it helped but needs some relief... any suggestions? any miracle cures?


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Ragazza @ragazza

Congratulations Sara that you stick with him all the way!!!!
He needs support even if he doesn't tell you.
Psoriasis can come and go or stays permanent and gets bigger. He needs moisturing with a natural cream and as he follows Light therapy he needs to moisture a lot. It itch because of the dryness. He needs to look what he eats and drinks. No hot baths or showers it dries out the skin. No stress.. so total acceptation of what's happening in dayly life.. more an 'I don't care' attitude. No miracle cure except maybe the Biological injections... but first he needs to do the treatments on the list.
The creams
Light therapy
Chemo tablets (no he will not loose his hair)
Some other tablets (we are not allowed to put the name here)
who decreases the white blood cells
Biologicals (human proteîne or non-human proteïne)
If you have other questions feel free to ask.

Jackie @jacpsor54

Hi Sara - the only miracle cure that completely alleviated mine was through diet. But to help with relief you can try using Epsom salts in hot water (Bath) and then applying a dead sea salt lotion or cream. This really helped me as I was originally covered from head to toe. The only other advise from me is to get your hubby to stay away from all additives/refined sugars/ make your own bread / drink coconut/almond milk (stay away from dairy)/try to avoid alcohol during flare ups/no smoking/eat plenty of fish/white meats/red meats in moderation. I was on steroids for years and then decided to change my whole diet - and it worked. I suffered for over 40 years and now I am please to say I don't suffer any more.

Mercia @mercia

Mine too. its been 3 years now. He has been to every skin specialist all over. He scatches a lot especially at night and bleeds a lot. uses a mix of cortisone ointment the doctor prescribed. It does flare up badly then calms down again. only relief is to be on cortisone from time to time. Doctor wont keep him on it as its damaging to the liver. Then he sleeps better. He is going through hell . No real solution. Hope your hubby improves.

Izzy @izzy

Only miracle cure for me was going vegan and avoiding nightshades. After 2-3 months, my skin is half way cleared up already.

Chris @Helpful

Change to an Alkali diet and get a allergy NHS or optnutritionist allergy test through Kinesis.

Sara @sara

thank you all for your great advice. I wish he would take some of it, he sporadically treats it and has pretty much resigned himself to the fact that this is what he is going to be like for the rest of his life. It doesnt help that he has some mental issues and drinks and smokes and as for diet well that could be a lot better also. I wish he would let me help him more. Thank you for all your suggestions it will be a long process but we will get there.

Craig @craig

Hi Sara, you remind me of my girlfriend! My Ps needs a lot of treatment and sometimes I just want to escape it, be normal and not let it control my life, even if it is not wise in the longer term. You need to get him to open up emotionally about it, but it may not be easy. Only miracle cure is through diet and control through moisturising. Best of luck.

Jon @Bigjon

If he smokes he will never be rid of it. If he really wants to find a cure for himself he will need to radically alter his lifestyle - no smoking, limited alcohol (no beer - moderate wine consumption is ok) and switching to a diet based upon green plants - no sugar - no processed food. It feels a bit like being a monk but the health benefits far outweigh the "loss" of damaging habits.

Andrew @padalugra

I use a yellow soft paraffin, it's greasy, but it can calm the itching down for a while, before bed I recommend a shower dry off completely and then moisturise all over with a cream you prefer, sounds crazy but painkillers can help also help, because it dulls the senses, because I have psoriatic arthritis I have found my morphine based drugs ease the itching also, and against all doctors advice, if he struggles at night to sleep due to itching, a good alcoholic drink ie to knock him out, white wine works fast for me.

Jessi @jessi

Diet is a big factor, and the smoking and drinking wont help much either.
Apart from emollients (you could also apply bandages of=ver the emollient to prevent him from scratching/flaking) there are tars and bath additives that you can purchase over the counter.
If those don't help his GP may prescribe a mild corticosteroid for flares or, failing that, an immunosuppressant cream like [......]
Vitamin D ointments may also be of benefit [......]on prescription).

erick @erick

Only cure is diet, everything else is a bandaid solution.
I had P for about 10 years, and it consistently gets larger and new patches shows up from time to time. Tried pretty much everything but nothing worked fully. When I stopped eating nightshade foods, they all went away, seems like other people on this forum also cured it the same way. I don't eat any potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and everything that has those things (ketchup, fries, pizza, pasta with red sauce, most creamy soups have potatoes, BBQ sauce). Nightshades are used in many dishes, it may be difficult to figure out what you can eat in the beginning. Tobacco is also a nightshade so smoking is a no no

Chris @Helpful

Most white bread has a bleach preservative in it , processed food (meat) has a preservative too. Perfumed products is another no no. It would help your bodies system if you fasted one day a week, make a note of the foods you do eat and cut them out one by one. Mine was sugar but it will be different for others that's why a Allergy test will guide you in the right direction. Wheat was another problem again it could be different for others trial and error but find what you are allergic to and start from there. The two Chinese herbal creams I mentioned earlier were beneficial no reaction to them. Sunshine and sea abroad are one of the best treatments..

Ingrid @Lana

Use cannabis oil. It will go away.

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