...feeling okay lisa @misslisalou


wish the sun was shining today..i wanted to have a lazy birthday sat outside letting the sun do it's thing on my p. lol


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Christine @christine10

Happy birthday, lisa! Don't loose your faith!

Sherry @sherry

Happy birthday, Lisa... hope it's a good one for you!

john,Hulk @chewbacca

happy birthday lisa , a lazy day sounds good ,:) :)

lisa @misslisalou

awww thankyou all for your kind wishes x

Kim @Foody

Happy Birthday Lisa.🎂🍷

santosh @santoshsadhu

happy birthday Lisa

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lisa @misslisalou
Harworth, Doncaster, UK

hi all you beautiful people! I am a very proud mum to two beautiful girls (age 21 and 13) hoping to start my own business further down the line, i believe the simple life is the best life to live,one day!! lol..still struggling to accept p

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