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I dont know if I have psoriasis or eczema, I have to have a Biopsy.


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Ian @Ediddy

I use psoriasis fluocinoide liquid ,but i pour half into another bottle (same size as it comes in from pharmacy ) and i fill rest of both bottles with mineral oil. I have full head of hair, but i keep it short and tight.
The rub the solution in like its hair gel....then use hair gel.....works every time.
The mineral oil really let it dry, but you still keep the wet look.
Ordorless too.
Every where else I use Aquaphor...
I could ne poster boy for Aquaphor...
Sun burns help too...but i dont recommend you do that too often.

darren @bigd1982

I had a Biopsy years ago as they wasn't sure if it was Psoriasis or Eczema results come back inconclusive - doctor then decided it was Psoriasis

Ian @Ediddy

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