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I received an email over the use of biologicals to treat psoriasis....I use a biological but it does nothing for my psoriasis....and works well for my psoriatic arthritis....


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Peggy @Peggylynn60

What is the difference between the two?

Afina @afina

You mean the difference between the things you have @Peggy?
Psoriasis is only on your skin....psoriatic arthritis effects your joints also....biologicals are a new kind of my country ( the Netherlands ) a rheumatologist can give it when nothing else helps or is to dangerous for your health. It's very expensive....

Susan @godcares

Hi Afina... I am 55 years old and developed psoriasis when I was 7... I have used every medication under the sun... Hah... I also have other autoimmune diseases and one of them was psoriatic arthritis too... Lupus and sjogrens... I had a cabinet full of drugs and creams and was seeing different specialists for years... I finally did research.... Sugar is toxic for autoimmune disease. I cut out all sugar, bread and pasta too as they turn to sugar, and limit my fruit... I am happy to say that I am pretty clear of psoriasis and completely drug free, ointment free, eye drop free... My doctor is learning too. I'm living a very new life.

Afina @afina
Opperdoes, Netherlands

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