...feeling excited Stef @StfAnyZé


New round : 2L water each day, sea lecithin supplement food, new mosturizing cream, fix some personal issues, deal with my promotion at work.... I would like to see you some pics, it's so amazing to see Pso disappear ☺☺☺


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georgette @georgette

Glad today is looking better for you we have to see the positive ..some days can be harder than others

Kim @Foody

Great news Stef. Which moisturiser are you using?

Stef @StfAnyZé

I truly agree Georgette, and what will work for ones will not work for others, we have to be positive and listen to our body and mind

Jullie @jullie

That sounds great darl. Congratulations.🙂✌🏽

john,Hulk @chewbacca

congratulations to you :)

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Stef @StfAnyZé
Toulouse, France

Recovering little by little flake by flake

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