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Have had psoriasis 7 yrs, PSA 1 yr - had eaten junk food for last 14 yrs - decided to eat organic only for last 60 days - no gluten, no alcohol, no diary, no gmos - happy to report psoriasis 60 % better - PSA joint pain gone - and have lost 31 lbs


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Annette Gill
Annette Gill @annettegill

Welldone. Not sure I could be so determined

Shawn @EatOrganic

Well Annette - I was at a crossroads so to speak - my dermatologist was suggesting biologics because my PSA was worsening quickly and after doing the research I decided against them - thought I should at least try a holistic approach - I am typically anti-pharmaceutical but I can certainly appreciate that there is a time and place for everything - I'm not "cured" but my psoriasis and PSA are much improved - there are still fun things to eat (never loved fruit as much as I do now) - I miss cheese the most and I craved Powerade for a couple weeks (because of the sugar) but I've only had water to drink for 2 months - I have also added some supplements - a probiotic, a good multivitamin, vitamin d3, turmeric (to help with inflammation) and flax seed oil (as I'm a vegetarian and prefer to steer clear of fish oil) - not sure if the supplements are as helpful as the organic only diet however I'm giving it a try - I'll give the supplements 90 days to see if there are more improvements - in my humble opinion - I believe that both "round up" aka glyphosate and bovine grown hormone (found in diary) were inflaming my body and exciting my psoriasis - both are hormone disruptors and also negatively affect gut health - my previous diet of junk food was ladened with cheap gmo corn, soy and wheat - (in the states) these are all sprayed with roundup and dairy cows are fed gmo corn, soy and alfalfa - also sprayed with roundup - my previous diet was also full of cheap omega 6 oils (soybean and corn oil) sprayed with... you guessed it... roundup! - too much omega 6 oil also causes inflammation - for all those folks that haven't tried going organic - give it a try - start with just replacing a few foods - see if your psoriasis improves!

Jennifer @jujubee

Wow... I've been doing only fresh meat and veggies for a week and half now, and I feel fantastic! So much more energy, and my skin had been so calm for the most part and I lost 5lbs. I do think it gets a little inflamed after I eat meat sometimes.. Thinking of going plant based whole food route after this 6 weeks are up. But I need to do more research first to make sure I'm still getting what I need.. Same here tho, been eating crap my whole life.

Susan @godcares

Shawn that's awesome and I must say... Good for you!

Mickg48 @mickg48

Well done both of you keep up the good work.

Shawn @EatOrganic

Update - have lost 44 lbs.

Janice @Immy

Wow Shawn, you are doing brilliantly, so good to hear.

Jessy Augustine
Jessy Augustine @jessymolloy

Shawn, happy to hear your progress. Can you tell us about your trigger foods? Tell us about your diet that made you lose 44 lbs

Shawn @EatOrganic

Jessy - I have been a life long vegetarian but I was a junk food and fast food junkie for 14 years - I have had psoriasis for about 8 years and it worsened over time additionally I have had psoriatic arthritis for a little over 2 years - I was interested in trying a holistic approach as I was opposed to biologics/pharmaceuticals at this time - I read everything I could about diet and psoriasis - I eliminated all gmo's, wheat/gluten, refined sugar, dairy, alcohol and caffeine (years ago) - I try to avoid nightshade plants: tomatoes, peppers and eggplant as these are triggers for many - I also have limited amounts of fruit as they contain lots of natural sugars and try to avoid citrus which I miss terribly - I only drink water and I only eat organic foods - this is a complete 360 for me as only 4 months ago I ate only chemical and hormone ladened junk - I add 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to my water every morning - I am still taking turmeric with curcumin 2 capsules a day - I still have an occasional flare but my psoriasis is 60% improved, and my psoriatic joint pain is gone but do have occasional stiffness in my toe joints - overall the inflammation in my body is greatly reduced and my gut health is much improved - I'm thrilled with the results from changing my diet - and yes I miss Doritos and Powerade but I prefer reduced inflammation and have found wonderful organic options that are equally satisfying - I will eventually try to add foods back in one at a time to see if they cause flares but I plan to always eat organically - our conventional food supply is full of endicrine disruptors that increase inflammation, deteriorate gut health and cause auto immune diseases

Julian @Jamz01

Shawn- share some of the foods you enjoy for snacks, now that you're fully organic. Any yummy dishes for dinners... looking for ideas as I am making the lifestyle change. Thx

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