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Thought about adding organic apple cider vinegar (with the mother) to my morning routine - 1 tbs diluted in a glass of water - has anyone found this helpful?


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Susan @godcares

Never done it orally, but I did wash my hair with it years ago. Kind of made my hair shiny too. The smell actually disappeared as well. I know people who drink it in water like you suggested for other conditions like poor gut health. Nothing to lose. Gotta experiment as what works for one might not work for another. I do think that to actually see any results with anything you need to give it 2-3 months.

Desley @desley

Yes. I do a tablespoon every morning. It is good for you and has the added bonus of keeping weight down. ☺️ It tastes like crap but I put it in a bit of juice to mask the taste and drink it through a straw (it's not good on the enamel of your teeth).

Susan @godcares

Desley you are right about the enamel. I am a dental assitant/manager for over 35 years. Sorry I forgot to mention it. You can, however, if you are having issues with your teeth, get a 2% fluoride rinse that you swish around for about 60 seconds after brushing and flossing. A good barrier for those acidic things.

Jennifer @jujubee

I drink 3 tablespoons a day, it really helps keep the inflammation away! And helps to digest meals better too, all around makes me feel better 😊

Desley @desley

Thanks for that info Susan. I will check that out. I do drink through a straw and rinse my mouth with water before brushing my teeth. It definitely has had a beneficial effect in on n my skin and general health though and the chemist tells me it is runnng out the doors with teenagers who use it to manage their weight. ☺️

Sarah @sarahuk

Yes I've found this really helpful. I just have a couple of teaspoons in a glass with my breakfast after reading about it on here and within a month it has really helped calm everything down. Simple!

Kelly @Yellek0179

I just started the acv mixed with turmeric and pepper. I hope it helps.

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