...feeling frustrated Lawrence @Makelarray

Itch, exercise, diet

Does anyone else have the constant fight with their own body. My skin starts to get better and I see the results of my strict diet etc. So what do i do? Treat myself to chocolate cake and ice cream of course! Back to square 1 tomorrow I guess 😂😂.


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Kim @Foody

Same for me. Branston pickle in my lunch yesterday and now I'm all red!

Holli @holli

Same... whenever my psoriasis shows signs of getting better I end up treating myself to something not on the diet haha!! NOOOOO!

Lawrence @Makelarray
Copenhagen, Denmark

Lover of water and outdoor activities, kite surfing and surfing mad! Got P. 2 or so years ago and am trying to not let it stop me doing what I love. Life has it's ups and downs, just like the waves in the ocean.

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