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I miss my skin. It was only less than two weeks ago it was normal and I took it for granted. I want to feel like me again. Im scared that I disgust my boyfriend.


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Kim @Foody

If your boyfriend is disgusted by you then walk away from him. You are not skin, you are the person inside it.
Take care.

Gabriela @gabrielabee34

Thanks Kim. He says the same thing, that I am not my skin and I'm the person inside. But I feel so ugly when I look in the mirror. I am 90% covered in just one short week because of the antibiotics. I feel like I'm not myself. And I don't understand why he would want to be with me when I wont even leave my house.

Kim @Foody

He sounds like a good man. Have faith, it will go back down. If he has seen you like this and he is not bothered by it then neither should you be. Big hugs.

Jane :)
Jane :) @janetsipi

Sending big hugs to you Gabriela! Stay strong and positive!

Raymond @Rayydissle

You're stuck in your own head. I do it all the time as well. I feel like my gifriend is too beautiful to be with someone that has reptile skin lol but she tells me she loves me no matter what and she still thinks I'm sexy. I have no choice but to believe her otherwise she would be gone.. if he is by your side, Don't let your insecurities get in the way. And I have been with my woman for 7 years, since high school. 4 years since my psoriasis has been bad. I hope I helped a bit. Your bf seems to love you. Don't get in your own way Gab. The less u stress, the easier you heal. :)

Paula @Momo

Flare ups are temporary, love is forever! I am very conscious that when I touch anyone at the moment, its like I am wearing sandpaper gloves. Raymond is right though, the more we stress, the longer a flare up lasts.

Gabriela @gabrielabee34

Thank you for your responses you all have no idea how much they help truly. I feel so lonely all the time this community has made me feel so much better in only a couple days.

Cheryl @chez

I told my husband the night before last I didnt want to be me for the next 24 hours. The discussion that followed took my mind off my P for a while.. we had a laugh about who I could get to swap places with me .. in my skin mmmm

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Gabriela @gabrielabee34
Fresno, CA, United States

23 year old psychology student dealing with Bipolar 2 and Psoriasis. Guess no ones swimming in this gene pool.

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