...feeling proud Gabriela @gabrielabee34


My mother is such a momma bear. Went to the store with her for more salt soak and she informed a woman who was staring at me rudely "It's not contagious, but I wish it was so you'd get it in your mouth which is gawping at my child." Lol!


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Susan @godcares

Gotta love a protective momma bear! LOL

Cheryl @chez

Well done momma bear ❤❤

john,Hulk @chewbacca

hello baby bear,glad you have a good mummy bear :)

Jullie @jullie

Love your mum 🙂

Janice @Immy

Your mum sounds great.

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Gabriela @gabrielabee34
Fresno, CA, United States

23 year old psychology student dealing with Bipolar 2 and Psoriasis. Guess no ones swimming in this gene pool.

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