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do you all get worse at this time of the year,and have milder attacks in summer?


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Elizabeth @button

Summer is worse to me because of the heat.

Tony @TonyH

Sunshine, or vitamin D seems to help, so its often better in summer

jacqui @dragon

yes lack of sun

jacqui @dragon

I have smaller breakouts when under stress or major upsets

Ragazza @ragazza

Mine likes every season... as bad in summer as in winter..and no I'm not going to lay down on a beach in this condition. And yes... the sand... the salt water and the sun hurt so bad that it isn't fun for me or my skin...!

Ragazza @ragazza

But... I like dancing, music and traveling a lot.. :-))))
Don't feel sorry..I replace those things with other nice things...

Jack @psoriasisblob

I also find that sun helps a lot. First ever major clear up I had was in Morocco in 2008-ish. Overdosed on sun that trip. It's a fine line though, getting sunburn doesn't really do any good things for P!

Pon @pon

Ay up Paul, I get worse in summer. My skin can predict in March if we are going to have a hot or cold summer. Ask me next month and I'll let you know lol

maria @butterfly

worse since iv had diabetes, but just the same summer or winter. the only thing that makes it better is steroids, but the respite don't last very long once the steroid course is finished

Karen @karen33

no -mines bad whatever the time of year

Janice @Immy

I currently have more and more popping up each day and will continue through the summer but in autumn it will decrease.

Elizabeth @button

Although I said Summer is worse because of the heat the winter can be bad because of the cold where it dries and cracks. I use plenty of creams but my skin just soaks it like a cactus and I end up feeling like a chip ready for the pan.

Izzy @izzy

Complete opposite for me. Diet affects it more

barnie @barnie

mine never changes,sun helps elbows in summer if I get long exposure.

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