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Looks, itch, coping

By the amount of skin my vacuum sucks up I could just about make a new person - one without psoriasis though :)


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Lorna Penner
Lorna Penner @lornapenner

Me too,,especially my bedding,,and all the skin that gets washed in the bath shower,,that dosen`t always all drain. I hate it but I don`t let it rule my life,,,,I go out in shorts to the beach and just ignore people..I usually go with someone else who has Psoriasis so we have something in common. Going to bed now..Hope you have a good night too!

Susan @godcares

Diane that is funny. They do say that our skin regenerates itself every 27 day... Hmmm. That makes us better than everyone else. Ours regenerates daily... LOL

Mickg48 @mickg48

Some people pay to exfoliate we don't have too worry about that at least.

Mickg48 @mickg48

We shouldn't vac at all as dust mites live on human dead skin cells if we leave it alone they will clean it for us haha.

john,DARTS VADER @chewbacca

if you have fish, you could just put them in the bath with you too and feed them for free,think there is a fish food called flakes or it is a term for their type of food , I dont know ? :)

Karan @karan89

I totally agree with u I use to have bad flare up which last longer then 10 months and all the time I was on bed rest worst memories

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Diane @froghop26
Cambridge, Tasmania, Australia

I love animals, traveling, my children and my grandchildren. My psoriasis is an inconvenience, it doesn't define me or stop me living my life how I want. Live, laugh, love :)

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