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Have you ever tried light therapy? What was your experience?


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Gail @gpowell

I have done light lazer for several months. It didn't help me at all.

Susan @godcares

I did lots of light therapy... For 25+ years! I even have my own light. It did work though. Haven't used my light in forever and will probably sell it. I got better, not cured, by working from the inside out. Doesn't work for everyone, but it did for me.

Linda @lindarckt

Yes the first time it worked well, 5 years later my flare was to severe, light treatment was unsuccessful.

Mickg48 @mickg48

Light therapy no only sunshine sun beds are banned in Australa but there are some black market ones still around but if you are bug fines.

Susan @godcares

Mick, hence I want to move there!!! Sun all year... You are one lucky son of a gun! I'm jealous!

Mickg48 @mickg48

Susan we don't have sun all year round in the southern states up north mostly, tropic of Capricorn although with climate change NSW has had changing weather and are now almost sub tropical. Then Queensland is closer to the equator and warmer again winter temp is about 23c mmmmm warmth.

Susan @godcares

Ok Mick... Then I'm not moving there. LOL.

Carla @Lalla

I've only started recently, but it looks like it might be working for my P

Kerry @kez

Never had light treatment drs just keep giving me cream and steroid cream and have had tablets nothing works new to this group so any advice gratefully received... Kerry

Hellen @hellen

Didn't help my p.
Just got burnt skin.

Louise @ludgeybaby

I had both types of light treatment on my skin, TLO1 and TLO2. It was amazing my skin completely cleared and I had no spots, no scabs or anything for weeks but, unfortunately because it's so intense that you are only allowed 200 treatments in your life time 😣😣. Really worth it if your hospital offers you the treatment. 👌

Nicola @Nicky

No I didn't know it was possible for psoriasis

Kim @Foody

I had the treatment known as PUVA. It meant taking tablets to make you light sensitive and wearing dark glasses for 24 hours after entering the light therapy machine. I would never advise anyone to have it as I now have the full range of side effects. Basal Cell Carcinomas, Sebaceous warts and skin that bleeds with the lightest touch. So far I have had three Basal Cells removed, the largest one opened up after surgery and I now have a hole in my back that took three months to heal. I have also had three Sebaceous warts removed with another one planned to come off later in the year.
I was young, I wanted( and got) clear skin for a little while, but do I regret it? Yes, absolutely.

Bob @Handsomebob

I had light therapy and it was working really well but alas I had side effects and it had to stop alas

Linda @lindarckt

The light treatments I had were with a dermatologist...not a tanning bed. Monitored by the dermatologist.

dave keyes
dave keyes @weasel

After 20 years of suffering ps including ps arthritis I went to my local dermatological dept in Limerick City and had light treatment 3 days a week in 1 hourly therapies. Last week I visited my dermatologist and i am almost fully clear of any ps except for a few awkward spots which are being treated . They are the hard to treat areas behind my ears and near armpits. To anyone out there thinking of it I highly recommend it. If you follow what the doctors and nurses say exactly it is possible to clear it up. I have had an entire summer itch free . YAHOO!!

Linda @lindarckt

My treatments were very short, like 45 seconds...2/3times a week for 4/6 weeks, lots of lotion before treatment, and we're strictly monitored.

Sweety @sweety

I've tryed it. It was getting better but after it got worse.
I was drinking during the treatment (because for me, many times it was stressful) and after it got much worse :/

Clay @skidiver

I developed Ps when I was 8 years old. In my thirties, my doctor recommended light therapy. For 6 months I drove 30 miles three time a week. It got very old. Finally, I convinced my insurance to get me a home unit. Just like all the other treatments that I have used, their effectiveness lessens to the point of not using it. After 6 years, I was looking for another treatment that would help.

Susan @godcares

Clay mine was also the exact one that the dermatologist had. My psoriasis started really young too at age 7. Linda, I think I might have reached 45 seconds, but mostly 40 was all I could do without major burning. I haven't used my home one in a VERY long time.

liz @lizpercy

. I've tried it many years ago and when the course was finished it came bk

Linda @lindarckt

Susan, light treatments didn't work the second time even after a 5 year gap, I also drove 25 miles 3 times a week for a 40/45 second treatment. Not sure it was a waste, at least my dermatologist knew it wasn't working and now we are going a different route. So far there has been an improvement.

Susan @godcares

Linda I get that. Some things stop working for whatever reason. I'm not sure why the diet/lifestyle has worked so long for me, along with the Moringa. It just does and all I can do is sit in gratitude. Been a long haul of just about 50 years!!!

Gerard sweeney
Gerard sweeney @gerardsweeney

It only made me worse and the lady that was in charge told me it does not clear up the head if you psorissis on scalp but I'm sure it works for some people I got about about 12 sessions at 60 euro a go they build up your time as you get used to it

Linda @lindarckt

Susan, that is something I'm working on,I have been eliminating certain foods,it's not easy and I applaud your success!!

Susan @godcares

Thanks Linda... Stick with it. Maybe your psoriasis won't get better like mine did, but you will probably notice a change in your energy.

Linda @lindarckt

I'm excited for the fall farmer's markets, all those fresh veggies!!!

Lorna Penner
Lorna Penner @lornapenner

I did light therapy for two winter for about 6 months ach time--and yes it did help but was very time consumming and costly the gas and parking plus you take off your clothes for a minute and then put lots of mosturizer on you --get dressed and out you go until the next appt two days later..I went three times a week and then the nurse didn`t regulate the heat properly and it burnt my boobs--it was so sore for a long time and still I can feel it by a certain way that I sleep..I thought I had cancer.. I wouldn`t go again unless there is nothing else.. I think that Hemp sed oil is the ticket to a better health with P or moringa vitamin ---both are expensive here about $100.00 a month maybe cheaper to start with but after a while you increase the dosage so around $100,00 a month then--from what I have heard. Hope that was helpful.

Nevin @Junior

I tried it years ago and it spread into a lot of areas that were not a problem prior. That's just me.

Lorna Penner
Lorna Penner @lornapenner

Myn has spread too but I think its the ointment that the deratoagist gave me with cortazone in it.

john,Hulk @chewbacca

I had light therapy a lot as a child teenager, I don't think it help too much?,the summer sun was more helpful to my psoriasis ,cant beat natural sunlight in my opinion,for me anyway :)

Linda @Linda1009

I use light therapy and if you are consistent it really works. The only thing that helps me. I won't take the biologics

Connie @Shediedtrying

I just saw my dermatologist today after 70 treatments with light therapy. I had therapy 3 x/week. Now I am clear but will have to wait to see what happens next. I am to have one treatment/week for one more month and then hopefully will be able to discontinue treatment. I had very low exposure (1450 jewels) because I burned several times early on. I am experimenting to see if wine exacerbates my psoriasis.

Ajit @ajit

Not exactly...but i love basking in the sun and never miss an oportunity...lucky for me, sun is plentiful in this part of the world and my skin adores it too..

Valli @valli

Didn't work for me. I found sun makes it worse.

Lorna Penner
Lorna Penner @lornapenner

The light therapy worked as long as I was going but didn`t do much--the sun in moderation helps me more plus taking Vitamin D.

TravelRocker @travelrocker

Why can't we use hashtags guys

Liz @lizzi

It works once stopped it comes back

Maggie @Maggiehamel

It worked for me! I was playing field hockey at the time and I couldn't walk or run perfectly the day after just because my feet were sore from the lights! It totally worked and cleared me up for a few months!!

Virginia @virginia

Personally, no, but a friend has with good results 😃

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