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What are peoples opinion on Lamp treatment or exposure to the sun.I suffer from plaque psoriasis .


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Karan @karan89

Alkalize your body with ph balace drops and acv always work with me and stop taking animal and diary product, u will see huge difference in month hope so

Mike @MidasHands

They work by helping the body to produce Vitamin D which is good for helping to heal up your pso. But its summer time... I wouldn't waste your money on treatments when you can go out side and get some natural sun.

Diana @diana6

Hi Michael,
I found light therapy works very well whether I used a tanning bed or just spent time in the sunshine. I live on the east coast in North Carolina. I go to the beach quite often and the Sunshine does help my psoriasis a lot. I just use sunscreen everywhere that I do not have psoriasis and I must say I got a very bad sunburn this spring. I forgot to put sunscreen on the top of my feet :-( and the psoriasis was the best it's been in a long time.

Nan195 @lynnie

I personally have never used lights but I do lap up the South African sunshine almost every day 🌞

michael @macconmara
Dublin, Ireland

I have always suffered from psoriasis and its flare ups..I also suffer from COPD and have reduced lung function..I do not let these things stop my life.Life is for you to live and make of it what you want. Modern medications are very good .

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