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Have been fighting with Psoriasis now for a few years and I have the worst case of it on my scalp. It is driving me nuts. Any suggestions on what I can do?


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Mavis @Mavc

I use Clobetosal solution and wash my with T-gel. But my derm suggested Bakers P&L. It works better at lifting the plaques from the scalp.

David @davidvs

Plenty of Vitamin D and staying away from sugar and processed foods has kept mine in check. Hope it helps!

Mike @MidasHands

Are you using anything right now? Keep in mind what works for one person may not work for another. This doesn't mean the products they are using don't work, it simply means we are all different. What does your daily treatment routine look like?

john,DARTS VADER @chewbacca

it all comes down to dealing with route causes and not symptoms,creams help relieve it ,poor eating makes it bad and drinking fizzy drinks,caffeine,alcahol I could go on,its true what works for one may not work for another,if one has a go at changes even some changes (its a choice) and it dosnt help over period of a lot of months then,i suppose one has to look into other factors? lifestyle changes are a choice a choice for everyone :)

Sarah @sarahuk

If mine gets really bad I do a "scalp blitz" as my consultant calls it. It's basically Cocois cream, put in, soak and wash out, then same with Betnovate cream. It does really help for a week or two

michael @macconmara

Try a great tonic called diposallic which you towel in when you wash your hair,I found it relieves the itch and clears up your scalp

Annette Gill
Annette Gill @annettegill

I use coconut shampoo and conditioner as pure as possible

Valli @valli

Rub oil into your scalp and then sleep with a shower cap on to soften it. Makes a sort of occlusion then your medication works better as plaques are soft enough to remove. Just to cheer you. I had it very bad on my head once but have not had it bad since. Good luck

Richard @richardcvx

I found keeping my hair very short allows the sun to get to my head and stops it getting too bad, I'm sure that's useless information for you as I'm pretty sure you won't want to shave your head !!! Sorry I can't offer any other advice

Stephen @Popmyster

When mine was bad, I got some baby oil and let it soak in for 30 mins and my wife combed my hair, and got most of the plaques out then shampoo with a good shampoo for psoriasis,
That seemed to help

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