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What kinds of diets have been tried? What foods are good to avoid? Anyone been really successful?


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 john,darts vader
john,darts vader @chewbacca

hello jill yes,i have seen improvements in my psoriasis and joints,i avoid potatoes,tomatoes,peppers,,all sauces,gravys ,gluten,wheat,sugar,citrus fruits,caffeine,all diary,alcahol,junk foods,pizzas,currys,standard bread ,pasta,processed meats,pork,beef,salt,minimal,tap water ,drink 2 litres bottled water of filtered a day,, :)

Janice @Immy

I am pre diabetes so I don't eat sugar and carbs, I drink bottled water only, not always successful in drinking 2 litres per day but I cannot believe how my skin has improved.

Mickg48 @mickg48

Hi Jill I found that nuts and lentils or any of the lentil family and just recently had a massive flare with chia seed oil blended with butter about 4 wks to effect me and about the same time to get rid of it.

 john,darts vader
john,darts vader @chewbacca

great though isn't it Janice,i wish I knew all this years ago :( :)

Diana @diana6

I say great improvement when I was gluten free and very little red meat and mostly organic for 3 years in Denver..

Janice @Immy

Yes John, I agree and feel exactly the same.

Katerina @katerina

I have celiac desease and gluten free diet also improved psoriasis!☺

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Jill @jillianjiggs
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