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I have psoriasis on my feet, lots of tiny blisters anyone else suffer from this what can I do to make them less painful


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Claire @mamaclaire

I have it on my feet too. I have found that I need to be vigilant with my foot treatments. I can't take a morning or a night off or it can spiral out of control. I like foot soaks in cool water with melaleuca oil. Pat dry then immediately use my favorite cream then smother with A&D ointment and put socks on. Many steps but worth the effort to be able to walk without pain.

Paula @Momo

I do. Soak in ice water takes the sting out, heat really is the enemy. Lots of moisturiser and cotton socks in bed.

Karan @karan89

Try turmeric paste. Just mix turmeric powder with water to a paste consistency and apply then sit in morning sun ☀️ for 20 min and go vegan for at lest a months and drink a detox juice, it will help you flush down all the toxins in your body and stay away from alcohol and smoke 💨 if you do so

Melissa @melissa80

i know what you mean and i use epsom salt and hot water or as hot as you can stand it

Gail @Gw

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