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What's your opinions on the use of sunbeds to treat psoriasis? I've had a few sessions and see a drastic but short lived difference. I'm aware of the dangers of sunbed use but sometimes I want a quick fix


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Karan @karan89

I prefer morning sun ☀️ and turmeric ginger tea

Maggie @Maggiehamel

I used to do those and after I did it for 2 months it cleared out for 5 months, my results were not permanent but I did enjoy the months with clear skin!

Emil @Gruzin

Was a hit or miss for me. It DOES work, but if you are going to ITCH like no tomorrow because of the BURN it causes, then it kind of defeats the purpose. Then again, everyone responds differently to it.

Kate @Kateybell

Ive used tanning beds for 20 plus years to manage my psoriasis when puva and creams failed. Eventually I began using sunbeds 1-4x per week. I get routine skin checks. I had 98 percent response with an outbreak maybe lasting 2 weeks once every 3 years. Until this year. I acquired a new form of psoriasis that isnt responding to light therapy. Best of luck to you. I swear by sun or light therapy. My entire family of psoriasis ridden members can vouch for it too. They moved to warmer states.

Kim @Foody

Hi Holly. They work but don't use them. I am telling you this because I have already had three Basal cell carcinoma's removed. Don't take the chance

Cindy @Cindy1969

Hi holly being a nurse and seeing what I've seen in regards to sun beds I would not recommend them, I have seen some horrendous melanomas as results from them and majority are you women, for eg 1 young girl had been going to a salon for about a year, 3 sessions a wk, when she left the hospital she left with half her nose missing and had to have aprostettic one made, but even worse quite a lot didn't make it out alive, some of them young mothers, I have suffered with this horrible disease all my life and would not consider it, but that's just my opinion :)

Kim @Foody

Very sad Cindy to see your post.
I can only say that every time mine have been tested I have held my breath waiting for the result. I always worry the next one I might not be so lucky. My third one I cried when I knew I was facing surgery again. It was ok though in the end.

Cindy @Cindy1969

Sorry Kim, I hope you do not have to go through this any more, it's bad enough having to once but you have had to 3 times, fingers crossed xx

Kim @Foody

Thank you Cindy.

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