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Iv not been on site for a couple of weeks now cause of ear infection now 3weeks later there telling me it's been brought on due to my soricis so the question is why didn't he tell me that 3weeks ago lolx


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Andrew @padalugra

maybe he did, maybe ya couldn't hear him properly due to infection, lol. only trying to lighten it for you Allison, hope you get better soon. I should TYPE IN CAPS SO IM SHOUTING JUST SO YOU CAN HEAR ME.

Ragazza @ragazza

Wow...that hurts a lot!!!!! Got one also and no painkiller was helping. Got antibiotics...not strong enough... needed to visit a specialist...: ooh aaah... I think you need an eardrum's all grey inside. He took his mini vacuum cleaner, put it in my ear.. (hurted like hell because of the infection) and I could follow on the screen how he sucked out all the Psoriasis... I saw a white-grey layer on my eardrum and when he sucked that away... there it was all pink and shiny. It took me 3 weeks to get rid of the pain and infection. And yes... Psoriasis and flake picking inside the ear causes it

john,Hulk @chewbacca

i see why now ragazza i have had these problems for years with my ears,my ears crack and bleed between the joint ear to head seam,always probs with that, i have gone to measures to unblock my ears with an eye dropper by plunging it out,think mixture cream dried up and psoriasis,its amazing i hear all this stuff from others on here i been through all my life,certainly not alone :)

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