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My most stubborn psoriasis patch is on my left elbow. Others come and go, but this one's fighting tooth and nail to stay there. Where are yours?


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Nicola @Nicky

Mine only affects my ears, which I scratch to pieces, and my scalp, which, if there is a larger patch pulls hair out with its removal.

Janice @Immy

Mine is the same, left elbow is the worst. I don't think that I really want it to go as it has been there for 60 years and I think I would miss it ha! ha! My right knee has totally cleared and it just doesn't seem the same after having it for so long just a pure white patch of beautiful skin and I still moisturise it, old habit I suppose.

Susan @godcares

My only spot now is about the size of my thumb on my right thigh... Stubborn thing. LOL.

Jack @psoriasisblob

Haha, I wonder if I'll miss mine. It's been there through thick and thin for 15 years.

Susan @godcares

Guaranteed Jack that you won't shed a tear when it's gone. LOL... Love your psoriasis blob. No time to really take a long look but it seems like you have a following and you are offering hope. That's terrific!

Denyse @denyse

My psoriasis is on my hands which has only ever totally cleared up once in 3 years. Oh and I have a small patch on my right elbow which comes and goes and is really nothing compared to my hands. I've had to resort to buying my clothes on line because when I touch fabric in stores, my skin just cracks and starts to bleed. So weird!! I'm Amazon's biggest bandaid customer ever...lol

Jack @psoriasisblob

Thanks Susan, glad you like the blog :)

Yeah, hands are a problem area for me as well Denyse. Have you tried using cotton gloves? They can help to reduce irritation from surface contaminants and hey, if Michael Jackson wore them...

Angie @angie

My scalp definitely. It's been there for years.

Denyse @denyse

Yes Jack, I use cotton gloves at night when I moisturize and when I apply my medicated ointment. I also use gloves cooking and doing housework. My family and I joke about the Michael Jackson look! Better to laugh than cry!!

Liz @lizzi

My right side is worst my soul top of food knee under my boob neck nose head funny really hey

Susan @godcares

Jack I wonder if you put the cotton gloves on overnight and put some cream on if that would help. I do that with my cracked heals that I get in the summer from walking around barefoot. Loads of cream, thin cotton socks overnight. Works really well.

Susan @godcares

Nicola not sure if you ever tried diprosalic lotion. I know it is a steroid but it really worked quickly on my scalp years ago and in the ears.

Susan @godcares

Denyse I wonder if you too can try wear cotton gloves overnight with cream. I never got it on my hands but it does work on my cracked heals with socks.

Jill @jillianjiggs

I have it on both elbows, a large patch on one leg, my scalp, plus other little spots. I also have inverse p. :'(

Caitlin @caitlin

Scalp, looks like a jackson pollock. Nothing is shifting it. Also little patch on my belly now, along with inside my ears and down below. It's a fecking nightmare.

Kim @Foody

Hi Jack. My left knee. It's never gone down.

Gail @GiGi

My left palm of my hand and my left foot, both are pretty severe, red, swollen, painful. I glob on the lotions, creams, foam sprays, nothing works. Actually, the Shea Butter with CBD oil smells very strongly of marijuana, but it is probably the most soothing of all the lotions I use. The downfall to using it is the relentless desire to eat chocolate cake, chocolate chip cookies, etc. (Just kidding...it doesn't have the same affect as smoking weed), I just have a relentless desire to eat anything chocolate.

Karan @karan89

Order sepia 1m from online and take 20 drops with some water,I helped me

john,Chewweeeeee @chewbacca

at the moment jack, my right arm crease is stubborn,looks ok some days then some days not, :)

Katerina75 @katerina75

Left elbow ! I see a pattern here lol
The right clears up and stays clear but never the left elbow

Angie @angie191

My psorasis is on my left foot and hands. It makes it painful to walk. Handing paper with my hands is the worst! I have started an oral medication.
The itch and pain are

Liz @lizzi

Mine are bottom of feet as Dermatology has thrown everything at it and still won't go plus they get very sore myself I try other stuff without luck

john,Chewweeeeee @chewbacca

hello liz, I hear a lot of people use Vaseline on the bottom of their feet to help it,especially if its dry and cracked,need get it soft, I have never had it on the bottom of my feet as far as I know ,I had corns on them years ago which I kept cutting them out and had no return so, that's good for me and blisters too,though, I think that's from walking etc rubbing in my shoes,sorry about this liz, I do sympathize with you ,feet are not a good place when you got to walk on them, can make one tired if feet hurt, I know

Sharon @shay63

My scalp is horrible.

Suzanne @suzanneh

My feet and the front of my legs.

Holli @holli

My legs, my scalp/ears and my right elbow seem to be my most stubborn bits!

Susan @susangoosen

My whole body is covered, but some areas look better than others my lower legs win the prize for best performance!

Zoe @zoet

My ankles, knees, wrists and elbows!

Liz @lizzi

The girls that have sore feet how do you cope with working
My work I stand for 4 hours when I get home my feet cracked and swollen the doctor has give me greasy cream ete but as soon as it's better it starts again I'm sure they think we sit about all day so what is the answer

john,Chewweeeeee @chewbacca

haha liz,i am on holiday and that's exactly what I am doing, sitting on me butt all day, giving me hurnia a break before going back to work next week :)feet is one of the worst places to get pain, gos right up through to ya head,when I had bad arthritis in my ankles yrs ago, I wanted to die, I was walking like I was 90 yrs old, gladly not now :)

Connie @Cc

My husband has psoriasis on the bottom of his feet and fingers he's had it now for seven years. They have now taken him off all creams and meds in order to prepare his body to receive a top-tier infusions. Now I wish he had stayed on that last meds, he has broken off horribly on his stomach and legs.

Mavis @Mavc

My worst was my scalp. Thinned my hair and lost a lot of it. Have decided that once iy grows back to wear it very short.

Rosanna @rosanna

Mine is all localized to the bottom of my feet. I guess I have been lucky in the sense that I am always able to cover mine 100% but I have also had times where I could barely walk because the pain was severe.

Lorna Penner
Lorna Penner @lornapenner

Myn is on my ankles and top of my feet plus legs and arms and lower back only lately it has spread---before it was only my ankles and top of my feet. Lots of stress these last few weeks,,thats why.

Meaghan @meaghan

Mine is just behind my left ear! Everything else has magically cleared up within the past couple months but that one patch isn't letting go haha

Fatima @fatima4

Need some tips please

Fatima @fatima4

Mine is on my left leg . Just won’t go away the itching driving me crazy

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