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Yeah I am finished moving. So close to work now 11 minutes. Downsized from a 3 bedroom house to a 1 bedroom apartment. It is so hard deciding what to keep and get rid of. I almost want to be rid of everything and get a RV and travel.


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Jill @jillianjiggs

I went through a period where I moved 3 times in a year....it was awful! :(

There is something freeing about getting rid of stuff that you really don't need, though.... 😉

Diana @diana6

Hey Jill, yes it is.... but it has played havoc on my psoriasis.... grabbing fast food here and there.... being able to find nothing I need, like my psoriasis medicine cuz I know I put it someplace I could find it easily.... hahaha.

Susan @godcares

Diana that's terrific... I downsized when I got separated and every year I get rid of even more. I live in a very small apartment with a very small closet. I LOVE it not. Simple and easy to keep clean. I've often thought of getting the heck out of dodge and living in an RV and travelling... It's the gypsy way. LOL.

Diana @diana6
Nashville, NC, United States

I love gardens and flowers, I am a Florist by trade.

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