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I've had Psoriasis nail since I was 15. It's been misdiagnosed until I was 21. In this time of no treatment my nails have ended up falling off. Some are healing but they don't look normal. Anybody else have this type? Its less common, feeling alone


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gina @gina

my mum also had psorias so she was a great mentor to me i also have it on my nails i give my self a maniure every week light buffing and bright polish it draws the eyes to the well kept nails and away from skin

Angela @angela

That is how my P started, GP had no clue for so long, lost fingernails and toenails. Still there, do cover fingernails with polish as hides the horrible yellow and unsightly look. Toe nails still fall off at times, when cutting them they become dangerous missiles lol. Have P everywhere now, look like a walking talking skin cell!

Jill @jill

I had fungus on toenail after breaking my leg and my aqua teacher said use a good tea tree oil on it. just a couple of drops daily. Has nearly cleared up.

Maggie @maggie

I am so sorry, PsuperWoman. Don't you just hate it when you find out you've been misdiagnosed!! I change drs. when i find that out. I never heard of nails falling off. I've had the itchy skin like crazy and a gluten free diet put my psoriasis in remission. Would seeing a foot dr. help? You're not alone.

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