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I've suffered for 15 years tried all hospital treatments ie puv light therapy, self injections and pills and all ointments and moisturisers.
They worked briefly but it always returned.
I have around 70% coverage and cbd oil has helped :-)


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Jill @jillianjiggs

Hi Kris! Welcome! You sound like a real psoriasis warrior! Forgive my ignorance, but what is cbd oil?

Kris @krisfields

Cannabis oil, it's non thc the high feeling ingredient, I have it in my vape it's helped me x :-)

Jill @jillianjiggs

That is great. I think in the US we have to have a prescription to get that. It just became legal in my state, so I might have to check that out. I'm also a migraine sufferer, so it might help with both. 😉

Kim @Foody

Hi Kris. Have you tried diet changes? It's the only thing that's worked for me and many others on here.

Ilze @ilze

I've used cannabis oil topically, mixed with coconut oil. You won't beLIEVE the difference it made. However, coconut oil doesn't seem to be the right carrier, as it gets absorbed really deeply into the skin, resulting in the new skin coming from below, to be over moisturized and thus cracking and bleeding soon, causing the psoriasis to take an entirely new direction... So if one can figure out the carrier oil, I think we're on to something. I also took the oil orally at bedtime, but it leaves me a bit slow the following day. Of course there are oils that has more or less THC, but as it is not fully legal yet, there are no labels to read :)

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Kris @krisfields
Derby, United Kingdom

I sing in a band and love travel sports helping people

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