...feeling hopeful Missy @mpeters841


I thought I was bigger and stronger that this disease and that I could manage with makeup and ointments . But 12 yrs in and the past 3 rarely leaving the house tells me I am losing . Hope to get great advice and support here ! Thank you !


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Kim @Foody

Hi Missy. Have you thought about your diet? A lot of us help our condition with diet.
You have our support. Please ask away.

Missy @mpeters841

Hi Kim , Yes I have tried to stay away from sugar and carbs as they seem to make it worse . I am on a medication that I need so my doctor thinks this could be why it doesn't seem to help the situation , Right now I need to stop feeling sorry for myself and be around people living with the same thing !

Kim @Foody

Citrus is a big trigger and nightshade plants. Have a go at cutting them out too.

Chris @Chris70

Don't let it beat you,I have worn concealers on my face at times , keep going out

michael @macconmara

Dont let it beat you .Stay positive and go and find a good dermatologist who can
offer you options and may be some holistic solutions may suit you. There is help out there for you,you need to seize it and not let psoriasis beat you. You are a beautiful person and dont forget it.

Mishlyn @mishlyn

Hi Missy, Dietary changes also worked quite well for me. Dairy and gluten are my biggest triggers food wise. I hope you are able to find some relief soon!

Gail @GiGi

Treat yourself to something cute, flirty, sexy and step out girl! Be marvelous, no one will care about your "spots". Example, last night I catered a dinner party for 60 people and during the evening one of the ladies took my hand in hers and was complimenting me and I could feel her rubbing her fingers on the rough, scaly patches on my hands, but she never looked down to see what was happening and I didn't flinch or pull away, I let her keep holding my Psoriasis ravaged hands and I smiled and listened intently.

john,Hulk @chewbacca

that sounds nice gail :)

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Missy @mpeters841
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I enjoy genealogy and family research through DNA .

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