Juliannel Arkin
...feeling okay Juliannel Arkin @Juliannelarkin


I have psoriasis for 22 years


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Juliannel Arkin
Juliannel Arkin @Juliannelarkin

Iam okay I had problems with relationships

Liz @lizzi

Cos of your skin

Sarah @sarahuk

Welcome Julianne, hope you'll find some great things to help you along here on Flaym

Kim @Foody

Hi Julianne. Welcome to Flaym. This is a global forum so I would advise you to remove your email address from your name. Safety first always.

john,Hulk @chewbacca

hello julianne,welcome to flaym, i agree with kim,you my get a lot of emails from people that you dont want,i am a lifer since birth 48 years now and psoriatic arthritis 14 years,sorry about your relationship problems, hope it wasnt to do with psoriasis,. you can let it all out here, we like to have a rant , it does help sometimes

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