...feeling frustrated Afina @afina


Hi all...

Coming Thursday I go for surgery....after that I hope to go back on my medication ASAP ....( stop with the M 😨 ) and rejoice you all with my precense......😉


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john,Hulk @chewbacca

i hope all goes well afina,sure it will for you , yes be good see you back ,sorry about your frustration

Sarah @sarahuk

Hope the surgery goes well Afina. Let us know how you get on

Roxanne @roxanne

Hope surgery goes well.I have had 2 surgeries because of Psoriatic Arthritis and hope the last one in may was the last.

john,Hulk @chewbacca

hello roxanne, you got it bad, how long have you had it,psoriatic arthritis, if you dont mind me asking you thanks :)

Mishlyn @mishlyn

Wishing you all the best Afina! Hope everything goes well. Will be thinking of you, x

Janice @Immy

Good luck, hope all goes well for you Afina.

Susan @godcares

Afina I hope you recover quickly.

Brenda/joy @viking1967

Hope you feel better soon

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Afina @afina
Opperdoes, Netherlands

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