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Does anyone experience having white like dots on their nails? Is it possibly part of P?


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Andie @andie

I'm not sure, But i read somewhere it's a sign of a lack of vitamin D,

Cherryl @cherryl

Hi Jane. possibly a calcium deficiency ?

Nan195 @lynnie

Hi Jane, good Post.
I've not experienced this at all.
Have a happy Friday and weekend all, it's TGIF ❤️🌹👏🏻

john,Hulk @chewbacca

yep, i am sure its to do with p and as cherryl says, you could be missing out on something in diet?,nails are an indication of inflammation if nail psoriasis is involved.i got problems with the nails when psoriatic arthritis started and not before, thats my indication of inflammatiom from psoriatic arthritis , my nails are good now since doing lifestyle chages,took months though for them to go back to normal, first time in years :)

Susan @godcares

Jane I might have but can't remember. My nails are pretty much normal now and long too. Man I used to bite my nails really short. Ouch...

john,Hulk @chewbacca

yep me too susan, i used bit them till they bled and i would bite the skin off the tops off my fingers,they were raw, i was wreck as a child ,this site brings back a lot of horrors to my mind ,sorry flaym :)

Jane :)
Jane :) @janetsipi

Thanks for your response everyone! I appreciate it. I am not really sure what's its cause because I usually have it on my toenails. It looks harmless but ever since I had P on my feet, it appeared.

john,Hulk @chewbacca

i had psoriasis on tops of my hands jane last year up to 7 months ago ,not had it on my hands all summer and nails are good now, sometimes where psoriais is in a place where theres inflammation ie hands or feet the nails can get effected there too

Harold @harold

Hi. The white spots are sure to be a sign of calcium deficiency. Studies have shown that about 37% of psoriasis sufferers have a calcium deficiency. This goes along with a Vitamin D deficiency as well. So lots of natural sunlight and calcium rich foods such as milk, kale, sardines (with bones), yoghurt, broccoli, watercress, cheese etc is good to replenish calcium & vitamin D.

Susan @godcares

Harold I think the reason I never had calcium deficiency with my diet is I LOVE greens of any sort. I love nuts too. I don't drink milk or have much dairy in my diet. Could eat cheese all day! LOL. It's pretty costly though so I just don't. It's funny though, and I never really thought about it, but I do have dried dates and soyabeans all the time as a snack... Eggs aren't high on the list but they do have calcium. I eat alot of eggs... Love them.

Janice @Immy

No and I have P very bad on my feet, did have on the palms too but is now clear, I have always thought it was a calcium deficiency, I take Vitamin D3.

Daunine @daunine

Yes I do. Mostly my thumbs the nails are bumpy and look like got smashed by a hammer sometimes.

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