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Lots of talk here about stress, but what defines it? And surely it's what we class it as? Being late for work, dentist appt? Having no money? What are we stressing about?


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Karla @karla1

I think we are talking about any kind of stress that affects us and our situation, I know when I experience a break out or a flare up with my P.A. I get stressed over that and it compounds it. Which makes my situation worse.

john,Chewweeeeee @chewbacca

life haha, just daily things people get stressed about, whats a big deal to one maybe not for another,best get some stress management or just say b.....cks to it haha :)

Linda @lindarckt

Stress and life changes..I retired after 26 years from the same job, that "life change" threw me into a full body flare, you would think that I would be less "stressed" . This was the first major flare in my entire life. It has taken 6 months to alleviate most of it but a long way to go for the bottom of my feet. Medication, creams and diet changes are helping.

Nan195 @lynnie

Hi Kim, a very good Post.
We live with stress daily, it's how we handle it that matters.
For me, if I can handle a stressful situation then good, if not I let it go.
Relaxing helps us handle stress; a warm bubble bath; reading a book; watching a romantic movie; Meditation and Visualizing helps too to unwind and relax.
Being positive, grateful and happy helps too.
What can I say... some dark chocolate,
Red Roses, French Perfume and good conversation with a Partner or Friend works for me too.
Take care and be happy 🌹😀

Jill @jillianjiggs

I wish I dealt better with stress. I know how it causes me to flare, but yet I still feel it. I also have terrible migraines, so the two combined are really bad. 😢

Sarah @sarahuk

For me I think its when I can't manage to switch off and feel on constant alert. I have to make a point of reminding myself that I can break stuff down and dont have to do everything by myself!

Clive @clive

If we can now buy senolytics to prevent aging people from dying , and stem cell research is almost at the stage of designer babies , not to mention manipulation of DNA through Crisper technology in the USA why no tablet to help anxiety related skin conditions ??

Kim @Foody

Thanks so much everyone. Dave you have it explained it exactly.
I get anxious when my train is cancelled on my commute, but would that be classed as stress? It's stressful for me but I should let it be? The book that I read about how we stress about things we shouldn't gives you good advice but who can take it?? I was stressed at my hospital appointment today, but surely I caused that stress?? Do we stress ourselves unnecessarily?? In other words. Are we our own worst enemies sonetimes???
Once again thank you all for your comments.

john,Chewweeeeee @chewbacca

sometimes i think we are our own worst enemies kim when it comes to stress,i am no where near stressed as i was years ago, its usually through others that i get stressed though, though i try not to,i used to work for myself and i was always stressing about doing bills up for customers,ordering parts, estimating jobs ,chasing jobs etc,i would work 15 hours in a day if the work was there and i would be stressing to get the job done so, i can get on with going to the next job as i made appointments etc, i never failed a job or had problems , it was stressful though,didnt want the hassle, easier to go to work go home leave it all behind and relax but, the money was better by a long way working for myself though :)

john,Chewweeeeee @chewbacca

think most of us worry/stress about things we neednt ,comes back to daily life,some people see that as one big stress especially if one has a very busy life with family etc like going back to work on monday, when it gets to sunday, the dread comes, i dont want to go back to work, silly for me as it is a waste of your day thinking about going back to work,so i just will chill and not think about it sunday :)

michael @macconmara

Stress is the fret and worry with which we deal with daily problems. We cannot solve problems which are beyond our control, so why worry. deal with things as best you can and after that forget about it. .Less stress better off.

Adan @adan

I feel everyone has their own kind of stress. Me personally am going through a lot of situations right now that are beyond me and there is nothing I can do to not stress. For as much as I don't want to stress, I think my body is showing it through my skin. My Psoriasis has definitely worsened these last couple months due to stress and lack of sleep.

Kim @Foody

Maybe it's the stress we should be treating alongside diet? Psoriasis busting combo!!

Nan195 @lynnie

You are so correct Kim 😊 as well as finding ways to build our Immune System up. Thank you everyone for your replies, we are surely an outstanding group of special people 👏🏻👏🏻🌹

Diana @diana6

Do you think we have silent stress? We are prepared and excited for the upcoming situation such as moving and having to find a new job and a new place to live.. we know we have money put away to do this. we know it's going to take time. we know it's going to be stressful, but we have the budget figured out. we go for a walk every day to offset the stressful feeling. How long is it going to take to find a job? Will the money hold out? but we are still feeling stressed even though you tell yourself you know it's alright, things are going as planned. that's the stress I find hard to deal with. I can tell myself everyday things are fine there's nothing to worry about but way back in my head, in my sub conscience the stress is slowly building.

Susan @godcares

Kim stress does not have to be bad. We can be stressed because we are excited about a new job. Heck it comes in all forms. I can only speak for myself, but I have really worked ALOT on the practice of present moment living. I can have a list of things to do and maybe on my way into the grocery store I run into someone. That might change my plan completely as then I go for coffee or a walk or lunch or whatever. I take this opportunity to embrace the art of present moment living. Maybe everything doesn't get done on my list but I do not get my knickers in a knot.... Might be an age thing but I really am so much more relaxed about pretty much everything. Life is too short. I'm only 56 so I think I'm doing good with this skill considering I have been labelled hyperactive most of my life. Definitely not now. LOL

Kim @Foody

Thanks Dave. You are right we do learn bad habits how we react but I think we are also conditioned in our childhoods. For example: my mum is terrified of dentists, she instilled that in me and my siblings and we were the same. I was in my thirties before I shook it off but I still get very anxious before each appointment!

Kim @Foody

Sorry about your panic attacks. Not good and hard to overcome. We all have our battles, don't we?

Susan @godcares

Dave Brilliant and very well said. I love what yo said about the anxiety going into a restaurant. If it was the restaurant then everyone would be anxious. Kim mentioned the dentist. I managed dental clinics for at least 25 years. I had many people love getting their teeth cleaned, a few actually didn't mind freezing. Pretty much everyone hated coming to the dentist. Truth is that it is an implantation from a memory or an imposed thought from another person in the past. Being afraid of anything usually does stem from the past. Perception is key in fears. Once that is recognized then we actually can change our reality in each situation but it does take the desire to be free of that fear. Mine is spiders and I'm working on that. Been trying to actually put a spider on my hand if I find one. LOL. Freaks me out but whatever. I'm pretty dynamic and refuse to let fear be my guide. Life is just to freaking short...

Kim @Foody

Ah thanks Dave.
I am so glad you fought and won your battles.
I couldn’t get on a train and went into melt down every time. Then I got a job I had commute to and I just had to get on with it. I was terrified! I got through it by telling myself I could get off the next stop if I wanted to and I also had counselling. I’m a hardened commuter now though and travel I’m situations a lot of people couldn’t handle. You just have to get your head round what you need to do and I have every sympathy for those that don’t make it.

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