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I had psoriasis since 12, basically tried everything (steroidal cream, naturopathic, even acupuncture, nothing worked. The patches grew noticeably larger every few months. Finally 10 years later I found a solution that worked for me: elimination diet


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Holly @Psowhat

What did you eliminate to help?

erick @erick

All nightshade foods, the most common being tomatoes, potatoes (yam is ok), all peppers except black pepper, eggplants, and tobacco. This means no pasta or pizza with red sauce, ketchup, BBQ sauce, fries, most creamy soup, bell peppers, spicy food (chili peppers), the list goes on. Other things are fried foods, processed meat, red meat (except lamb), alcohol and smoking. I got this info from Dr. John Pagano, you can find him on Youtube. I know that different treatment works for different people, but if you really understand what psoriasis is, you will know diet is the real culprit, and only diet elimination will truly solve your problem permanently, everything else (steroidal cream, light therapy) just hides it. I did not actually follow the diet completely, the only thing I do very consistently is avoid nightshade foods (I believe this one is THE most important) and fried foods, with that my psoriasis of 10 years is almost gone in one and a half. If you follow his direction perfectly I believe the results would be faster. Hope this helps.

john,Hulk @chewbacca

hello erick, i am on diet,most of it and i am getting results,its not easy though,2 litres of bottled water a day :) diet is a dirty word here i find, i dont peddle it as its a choice to everyone as i always have said :) i know it works thanks :)

Dot Roux
Dot Roux @dotroux

Hi there Eric, can you tell me more about the elimination diet?

erick @erick

10 years Psoriasis cured after only one year just from diet elimination. Feel free to ask me about my journey.

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