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A fellow commuter told me tonight that his skin flares if he doesn't get enough sleep. Think I might be the same.


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michael @macconmara

May be you have to try and go to bed early for a rest,give the body a chance to recover from the rigours of the day.

Niamh @tikkii

This is perhaps linked in with the whole insomnia issue I've read here. I never thought there was a link to psoriasis and insomnia until I began reading here. I had been blaming my insomnia on other things.

Kim @Foody

Hi Michael going to bed early doesn't work for me. I still wake up 4-5 hours later no matter what time it is.

Kim @Foody

That's a good point Niamh.

john,Chewweeeeee @chewbacca

hello kim, lack of sleep isnt good for anyone, makes one irritible and if you have p dosnt help :(, hope you do find ways to get more sleep,i can survive on 6 hours sleep a night no problem,less than that i feel tired still and can get headaches,hope things will improve for you kim

Kim @Foody

Thanks John but it is a way of life for me and has been for many years. A lot is to do with age. We sleep less and less as we get older. What I wouldn't give to go to bed at 10 and wake at 7!! Oh sounds wonderful!

Harold @harold

I've found that it's not so much a case of getting enough sleep than getting good quality sleep. We all differ in the amount of sleep we need but one needs to establish a regular sleep pattern, one where you are able to sleep through. So whether it's 6 or 8 hours that you need, if you can sleep through the full time you need, you end up being more rested, less stressed and possibly have less flareups etc.

Kim @Foody

I agree Harold. I wear a Fitbit which monitors sleep levels. Most nights I only get between 40 mins and an hour deep sleep, couple of R.E.M. and the rest is light sleep. I never wake up feeling like I have slept. I have intense dreams most nights and I wake constantly.

Annette @annette79

I have never had trouble with sleeping and the p remains. In fact tv watches me sleep most times.

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