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How do people cope/deal with scalp psoriasis? (especially those with long hair) I have it all over my head and ended up cutting my hair really short so I could treat it easier but I'd love to grow my hair back. Any comments welcome


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erick @erick

Ive seen youtubers using hemp oil for the scalp to relieve psoriasis temporarily. You can search hemp oil for psoriasis on youtube and you will see how that can be applied.

Adam @Adam

My dermatologist recommended "t gel". I used it for a bit and it kinda worked for me but I didn't like how it made my hair feel. I also use tea tree oil now and it works pretty well.

Chelsea @chelsea

Thanks for the replies, guys! I'll have a look at your suggestions.

ella @ella

my partner has psoriasis on his scalp. I have to use this lotion on his hair every 2 days the down side is it smells like nit lotion and its so oily I have to wash my hands like 4 times after applying it

erick @erick

I've used specialty shampoo also it didn't work for me. What worked for me was diet elimination. It cleared all of my psoriasis patches in a bit more than one year, and I've had it for 10

Nawaal @nawaal

I have psoriasis in on my scalp and it makes a line on my forehead some times it looks like I don't was my hair on the day I washed it. Thank you for the advice that I read here I shall use it .

witnessy @witnessy

I like long hair to,but indeed short hair is easier to manage!

BILL @bill

try pert plus

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