...feeling okay Kim @Foody

Coping, strangers

I hope this site doesn't end up like Facebook with people posting rubbish which is not relevant to the reason for the forum. Everyday new people are here looking for help, I hope we can help them..


Please don't include specific medical product brand names or external links.

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Annette @annette79

I agree. It's been great insight to me to hear what others have been doing

john,Chewweeeeee @chewbacca

agreed kim, i do hope we can help everyone with this :)

melissa @melissa56

I agreed with you.. I love it Here You make me very Comfortable .. so i do not want be alone

Kim @Foody
London, United Kingdom

Have been a flaker for 48 years. I'm happy in my skin. Please don't message me, I will report you.

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