...feeling alone Melissa @melissa80

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I have had psoraisis since I was 2 and it's getting me down I have it everywhere


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Melissa @melissa80

I need help and advice

Kim @Foody

Hi Melissa. I am so sorry to hear that. A lot of use diets to help it as well as different lotions and potions. Have a look at the diet section, hopefully you will find some help there.

Melissa @melissa80

When I tell people i have this people call me names and make fun of me

john,Hulk @chewbacca

hello melissa,i know about this melissa,dosnt make things better we know,psoriasis is from within and not the skin, its what we do that makes psoriasis of the skin happen,some changes in lifestyle is better than none but, it is a choice melissa a choice for everyone, i have both arthritis and psoriasis, i am a lifer since birth with psoriasis and 34 yrs later psoriatic arthritis joined me, its inflammatory foods we psoratics eat that cause us to have this and have inflammatory response to skin and joints,if joints involved,one can make it better by changing lifestyle/diet it is a choice though i wish you well sorry you feel alone, you are not here

Michelle @michelledaniels

I know the feeling ive had mine since i was 5 its on a mad one at mo breaking out everywhere again.. it never seems to go away 😔, x

Melissa @melissa80

i feel like i can never catch a break with my skin its always breaking open and bleed and hurting and all i know is that i want to know is that you have used on it to make it feel better cause all that i have used it dont want to work

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Melissa @melissa80
Sedalia, MO, United States

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