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Does anyone have experience with psoriasis on your eyelids, or outside corners or your eye? It's just starting there for me and can really be painful. I have creams but I worry about them so close to my eye... any ideas?


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Chris @Chris70

Eyelids sorry to say for me were really sore , I use Vaseline around my eyes at night .

Angela @angela4

I had it on my eyelids at one time. There is a prescription steroid that can be used around the eyes.

Timo @BlueBassett

I, too, deal with some around my eyes, and under my eyebrows. I use one of the weaker steroids like triamycinolone or a 2 1/2% hydrocortisone. Using something weak means I have to make sure I put it on 2 or 3 times a day until I get some clearing. Than I always make sure I use some of my Olive Oil that I also use regularly/daily/evening. Olive Oil has good anti-inflammatory properties.

john,Chewweeeeee @chewbacca

i didnt want to use steriod on my face, i shaved and it looked bad,i had the look of a blow torch been put to it, i have tried not touse steriods for a long while,seems with my lifestyle changes ,its great near gone on my body and has all gone to my face, so, the hydrocortisone by 1% has had to go on, today looks better but, i really dont want to use them,i also have one tiny spot on my eyelid, wont put any cream there to close to the eye,steriods are bad but, i understand when one needs to calm it, shame i wasnt born a woman then i wouldnt need to shave ,my face anyway, hopefully it will clear up in time ,sorry about your problem here dawn

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