...feeling excited Jayne @jaynemaber


Well I have a date today with someone I caught up with on facebook - not seen him for 38 years ! Have been upfront about psoriasis - did not bother him - we will see


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john,Hulk @chewbacca

hello jayne, sounds great, i hope all goes well for you with this man :) beauty is skin deep jayne :) :)

Chris @Chris70

A date.....what's that? Seriously hope you have a great time

tony @warby

Good luck on your date jayne

tony @warby

When i met my partner she accepted my psorisis because it wasnt too bad but also added that if it had been really bad it might of put her off

Kim @Foody

Good luck Jayne.

Susan @godcares

Jayne that is very exciting news. Thank you for sharing with us, you Flaym family. My new guy could care less, even though mine is gone. But you never know it could rear it's ugly head, but I don't really believe that. I truly hope this goes well for you. I love new Seasons of life. If his heart is good then it will all be terrific!

Michelle @mishlyn

That is great Jayne! Have a wonderful time! 😃

Jennifer @jujubee

Good luck Jayne, warm wishes your way 😊

Shelley @Quiltingshell

Have an awesome date! I hope he is one that enjoys a person for who they are and not what’s on their skin. I have been blessed to find 2 men who treat me great and my psoriasis is not an issue. My husband passed away and he was always a great support to me and truly kind about my skin issues. Always helping find a relief for it. After a while I began to date another man and he has also been a blessing sent to me. He also looks for things to help me. Coconut oil has been a great help to me as a moisturizer. About 60% of my skin is covered. I hope you find this man to be as awesome as the ones I have shared my life with. 😄

michael @macconmara

Jayne I, Wish you luck and all the love in the world

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Jayne @jaynemaber
Gloucester, United Kingdom

hi I am jayne an have had psoriasis for over 30 years - am now young free and single ( ok forget the young bit lol ) Watch out world - here i come !!!!

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