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We all talk about moisturising but how much do you apply? I read a blog once that said you should scoop it out the tub and apply it. I have done mine that way ever since. I always apply a good handful with each application.


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 john,Flakes to beam up
john,Flakes to beam up @chewbacca

hello kim, luckily now, i dont put hardly anything on, just my face needs it, sometimes i do forget and just put some aqueous cream on my body and realise, why did i do that? old habits die hard :),

Janice @Immy

I apply loads to my feet but not so much elsewhere.

Susan @godcares

Honestly I don't really have alot of moisturizers. I tend to just put my aloe vera gel on my skin. I get it here at the healthfood store and it's a gel. Easier than trying to smoosh the gel from my plant.

Kim @Foody

I apply all over. It makes me feel good as well as keeping my skin soft. I love coconut body butter, it's very creamy and feels nice when you apply it.

 john,Flakes to beam up
john,Flakes to beam up @chewbacca

smells good to ay kim,i like the smell of coconuts :)

Michelle @mishlyn

I like a good handful as well Kim :) The salve I make feels so amazing on, I make sure to let every bit of me in on that action ;-) lol

Sarah @sarahuk

Yes I put loads on Kim. Sometimes 2 coats :) I love using a shower mist moisturiser too, I spray that stuff all over everywhere!

Kim @Foody

Is it a girl thing that we like to splodge it all over?? Maybe men are too hairy!!! ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

 john,Flakes to beam up
john,Flakes to beam up @chewbacca

haha kim, yes i used to always get cream caught in my fur :)

Kim @Foody

Ha ha John! Thatโ€™s what I thought!

sibongile @sibongile1

my psoriasis is in patches,i apply it with a finger

Nan195 @lynnie

My hands love Olive Oil Cream with added Olive Oil.
after each hand wash I massage it in.
No P anywhere else.

Kim @Foody

Sounds good Nan.
Is it the backs of your hands you have it, like me?

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Have been a flaker for 48 years. I'm happy in my skin. Please don't message me, I will report you.

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