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I have psoriasis on my hands and it hurts everyday but when the cracks and bleeding start it is really painful even with water. Any ideas on how to help with this.


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Vandit @chessperado

Sorry to hear that your hands hurt. I can only think of keeping your hands moisturised with coconut oil or any other lotion that suits you and never letting them dry. Try to wear gloves for household chores to protect your palms.

Josh @Yeshua

I feel with this as well. It is different than what I get on my legs- less itchy and more painful. I have started using a cream calle crea ve. I put it on at bedtime and wear socks over my hands when I sleep. It's gross and uncomfortable, but the only thing that seems to help.

john,Hulk @chewbacca

hello renee, i changed my lifestyle/diet and my hands are clear of psoriasis,psoriasis is from within and not from the skin, its what we psoriatics do that makes psoriasis of the skin happen, some changes in diet/lifestyle is better than none but, it is a choice a choice for everyone i wish you well thank you

Nadine @nadine1

I have psoriasis on my hand and feet very itchy burns and hurts. I was told it was a plaque psoriasis due to diet I would like to know what foods I should eat. My girlfriend has a psoriasis that was caused by meningitis. She has spotty patches all over her body and affects arthritis. Very sad when iti at it's worse she in so much pain all over.

john,Hulk @chewbacca

hello nadine, i eat all veggies, no potatoes,all salads no tomatoes or peppers,i dont do any dairy,sauces of any kind,no packet,jars,,tins of foods they have preserves ,stabilisers that dont like us,no processed meats,old meats,pork or beef,you can do gluten free bread and pasta and limit it,no caffeine,citrus fruits are no nos,i donteat ,sweets,cakes, i have one pack of gluten free biscuits a week but, i am not gluten intolorent most psoriatics are though,i eat chicken or fresh mackarel, no fried foods,junk foods,fast foods pizzas,bologneses ,currys- (that was my favourite curry ,gave up that)etc,i have brown rice or wild rice as that is neutral but, not too much though canconstipate you , 2 to 3 litres of bottled or filtered water a day, eat mainly veg cooked and raw with turmeric between cooked foods as its a natural anti inflammatory :)i bake or boil foods, i have decaf coffee black with honey throughout the day, :)

john,Hulk @chewbacca

i have calcium magnesium suppliments and vitamin d3 milk thistle sometime sand multi vitamins too sometimes and moringa

Gail @GiGi

Renee...go to your local dispensary and get some topical cream, lotion or salve with thc. It seriously is a miracle worker for pain and itching discomfort. I have it both on my hands and feet and use it for near instant relief. It is not a cure, but it will take away the pain. I also nibble a little piece of chocolate bar every night before bed, the chocolate has thc as well, and sleep through the night. One chocolate bar lasts an entire month, that is how small of a piece I eat. You have to go to a dispensary for these items, but it is well worth it.

Carol @caz59

Hi Gail what is thc please x

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