...feeling frustrated Tracey @Tracey3663

Treatment, exercise, diet

i have it on the palm of my hands, in my ears, on my elbows.....and yes nothing hands are either itching like crazy or very painful, i hate this!


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Sarah @sarahuk

Hi Tracey, this frustration is shared by lots of Flaymers! Sometimes it can feel nothing will ever help, but eventually something does! There's lots of advice and experiences on here which I hope will help.

Chris @Chris70

Cremes and there are dozens to go through , if its on your earlobes Vaseline works for me not the nicest pillow in the morning but I've Woking up too bloody sheets so try and share if something does work , be well

Becki @becki1

Me as well!! I have had this for 2 years or better only wasn’t sure of what it was until last October

Fred @fred8

Why can’t we post pics

Fred @fred8

Why can’t we post pics

Claire @cla

Hi. I also have it on my hands. Have been using one of many creams that I got while I was attending phototherapy. I use it on my hands then cover with cottonwool over night, I've only used it 4 times but heard it was good. It's worth a try. It's called Hydromol ointment.

Chris @Chris70

I have it pretty much everywhere although face isn't too bad lately , guess you get used to it and stay positive

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Tracey @Tracey3663
Rochester, NY, United States

i am a 6+ year breast cancer survivor, I'm a mother of two grown kids ;) a son and a daughter. I was a school bus driver for 23 years but had to resign due to my shitty health!!

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