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So what are people here using for nails?

I've just started using a scalp ointment for use on my nails, as the nozzle is perfect for getting under the nail.


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Sarah @sarahuk

Those nozzles are handy! I've used grapeseed oil in the past to ease itching on toenails but they are cleared up now

john,Hulk @chewbacca

i could say diet/ lifestyle changes christopher made my nails normal though, that is a choice though, i never used anything when my nails were bad, coming off and all fungal looking,very painful:( , my nails started getting bad when psoriatic arthritis happened, didnt have it before with the nails with psoriasis alone. let us know how you get on :)

Christopher @Zednero

Exactly the same for Me John. Mine started as the Arthritis developed. Now I tend to cut them right back to cut it all out.

But that was a little drastic. Now it's time to try this scalp stuff.

john,Hulk @chewbacca

i remember all to well christopher when my nails were bad,the pain was unbelievable,i was cutting them right down to past the beds on my fingers and my toe nails were bad, i had them ingrow all the time, i would yank them or cut them out and they would bleed badly,do you suffer from dry eyes aswell? i had that bad, nothing would help it, forget drops, hope hair stuff works out for you christopher

Christopher @Zednero

Yeah, I go through stages of dry eyes, they once gave me drops, but it was more of a nuisance than a help. I only tend to get it now during flares.

In regards to cutting back, I'm the same. Something I'm so used to doing now, it doesn't hurt that much any more.

Alexander @Xander

My dermatologist recommended occlusion, which is basically trapping the liquid or cream directly on the finger with plastic wrap and then covering your hand with a glove. In addition to the wrap; I wear gloves at night, when washing dishes, and doing other types of work that can stress or dry the skin.

Cc @cc1

I also have nail psoriasis. It really hurts on the toes. Last month I went to the foot dr and he removed both sides of the toe nail and then applied acid so it wouldn't grow back and become ingrown again. This month I plan to have the worst ones removed totally. It is not the nicest thing, but at least I will eventually be able to wear my shoes again without the extreme discomfort.

john,Hulk @chewbacca

hello cc, nail psoriasis is caused through inflammation from toxins we eat in certain foods, most foods especially packet, cartoned items are loaded with toxins that effect skin joints and nails aswell as a lot of other problems assocaiated with psoriasis. my finger nails look normal now with diet/lifestyle changes, it is a choice though, i dont see anyone for my conditions, i havnt for 30 odd years now as i knowand i have always known they cant help me and now i help myself thank you

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