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Happily dog sitting a 5 month old puppy named Hank for a friend today. Does wonders to lift my spirits after a night with little sleep due to psoriasis inching badly. Only 2 more weeks till I see a new dermatologist. Much needed.


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Susan @godcares

Good for you Tim. Dogs are the best with the unconditional love. Who doesn't need that? Hope things go well with the dermatologist.

Sarah @sarahuk

Ah so pleased Hank is making your day better! Man's best friend.

Polyp @polyp

I've given up on dermatologists, psoriasis seems to be such an individual ailment that I can't go with their 'one size fits all' generalisations. Currently triying to quit smoking, only two or three a day, quit drinking, not very often now used to be a basr and cellar manager and play more music.

Timo @BlueBassett

Yes. Always more music. I'm playing a wedding tomorrow... with pay to boot. All good. Been playing for 40 years, now. Don't know where I'd be without it.

Polyp @polyp

Yes, it's nice to get paid. What do you play?

Timo @BlueBassett

I've been primarily a drummer for 40 years, now. Can play a little guitar, bass and piano. Love being a techie and engineering stuff. Used to be a stagehand. All styles except Hip Hop and New Country. Did some cruise ship drumming when I was younger. I like the guitars in your photo.

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Timo @BlueBassett
Elgin, OR, United States

I've been dealing with my Psoriasis for 28 years now. I am always looking for naturopathic ways to treat my P.

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