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Ladies! Any advice on best brand of hair dye to cover grays but gentle for scalp psoriasis?


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Susan @godcares

Joni, not this momma... I went grey in my early 20's. I dyed my hair at the salon for years. I think mostly because I was one of the older mom's when my son went to school so I continued to dye my hair. Once he was in high school I just stopped. Now I have a nice grey all over and I'm used to it.

Janice @Immy

I use a Wash In/Out colour enhancing shampoo, my greys are porous so it works for about 2 months for me and tends to blend with my brown hair. When I was younger I would use permanent hair dye and they caused me to have flare ups on my scalp but these days I only get the occasional plaque.

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