...feeling frustrated Lisa @lisa3301


I have had it since the age of 5 did anyone find out that young ?


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Kim @Foody

Hi Lisa. A couple of people on here weee born with it.

Kim @kim7

I have had it as long as i can remember.. i would say 8ish

 john,AQUA MAN
john,AQUA MAN @chewbacca

yes, i was born with it, flakin on my way out i think,must had been scratchin in the womb,most babies are kicking think i was scratching. at least the greasy sack i was in must had kept my skin moisturised ?
sorry you are frustrated lisa, we all get that

Cheryl @cher88

Yip got mine at age 3

John @phillymonkey

My onset was at 10

Jammie @james5

mine was at the age of13

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Lisa @lisa3301
Trumbull, CT, United States

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