...feeling frustrated Dawn @dawn21


What do you use to relieve the pain and burning?

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Dawn @dawn21

I tried that. Didn't seem to clear it up.

hope @hope53

i use pure lavender oil, & tree tea oil in either almond oil ir olive oil depending on season (olive = cold weather) to clear mine up and stop the itching and burning. I have it on both hands, my butt and one ear. to go with it i have psoriatic nail disease and the arthritis associated with it...the trifecta

Honey @honey

Coconut oil and eucalyptus oil. I apply coconut oil first to soften my pso after that, i apply eucalyptus.

Diana @diana6

I use aloe vera spray with lidocaine in it when it gets really bad.

Ingrid @Lana

I use cannabis oil 50% THC & 50% CBD, psoriasis in remission lol

MishLyn @mishlyn

I make my own healing salve, if your interested I can send you the recipe 😊 it's quite easy!!

Ingrid, I am curious is the oil something you apply topically or Ingest? Happy to hear your P is in remission!

Diana @diana6

MishLyn I would be interested in your recipe for your salve. I used lavender, tea tree, and geranium and coconut oil to make my first batch. I would like a recipe for something that is a little bit less oily that soaks in a little faster.

hope @hope53

If you switch from coconut oil to a lighter oil you should not have an oilier coating. Also if you use the smallest amount possible there is less oil left on the surface. For instance, since i have it on my fingers especially bad but i don't want oily fingers or hands i literally use just 3 drops of my mixed oils, i place them in the palm and rub vigorously to heat them up then rub, rub and rub some more to work it into my skin on my fingers from tip to the large joints (where fingers and hand meet). after several minutes the oil has been absorbed and i can touch anything i want

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