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My psoriasis started on my elbow, it is the one patch that has never gotten any better or any worse, no matter what treatment. I call that patch the mother ship!


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Kim @Foody

In that case, my left knee is my Mothership. Easy to remember as I have the fantastic album of the same name by Led Zeppelin.

Chris @Chris70

I have e motherlode 😂

 john, Psoriasis terminator

paul @crick

i stick my elbow up the dogs bum,works wonders.

Sarah @sarahuk

Hehe I'm not sure any of my originals are left, but I have plenty of newcomers!

Susan @godcares

Josh you funny guy... I think the elbows were tough for me too. I think it's because the are alway bending and rubbing and whatever you put on get's rubbed off... I used to soak in a bath with oil and scrub the heck out of them with a foot scrubber thing. LOL. Then I would put an oil based lotion on them when I went to sleep. My mother ship was my little spot on my right thigh that is gone. Just one side which is weird as usually you get both sides going on like playmates. LOL

Charmaine @cpather

My Mother ship is my left leg. Huge patch on there that comes and goes. However, I did scratch last night and it bled. Its burning so today.

Janice @Immy

Mine started on my elbows and knees, one knee is now completely healed, the other is getting there, but my elbows have always remained the same for 60 years.

Susan @suki

I'm stealing this! My mother ship is my hands. Oh my poor hands.

Charline @charline

Mine is my lower back, in the shape of a huge red butterfly that loves to flake.

Zumara @zum

My mother ship is my scalp

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