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Hey everyone! I would like to ask about cocktails from fruits. Is anyone using special cocktails in the morning or something like that? Thanks!!!


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Sarah @sarahuk

Hey Virgis! Yes I make fresh juice in my kitchen, I use a juicer. The best mix I've found for my skin is beetroot, carrot, apple & pear. I sometimes add ginger and broccoli stem, or sometimes I just do a green juice with apple, pear, cucumber & celery. They are actually delicious though they sound a bit ick!

Susan @godcares

Virgis I mix just a bit of fruit with my Moringa powder and my whey protein powder pretty much every morning. I love other things for breakfast, but this is kind of a habit now and easy. I don't have much fruit though as the sugar content is really bad for me.

Virgis @virgis
Vilnius, Vilnius County, Lithuania

Happy to join you! I hope to find and to share with good ideas about Psoriasis!

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