...feeling okay Kim @Foody


Raging red again, but it could be the jacket potatoe and wine I had for dinner at the O2 before seeing Lady Antebellum tonight!


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Michelle @mishlyn

Have a great time Kim!! 😃

Annette @annette79

Nothing like a good night out to take your mind off the itch! Hope you had a blast!

Nan195 @lynnie

Sorry about the raging red Kim, here's a hug ❤️and blessing 🙏to get better soon,
How was the Concert?

Sarah @sarahuk

Sounds worth it Kim :)

Janice @Immy

Hopefully the soreness will soon subside and you feel it was worth it, I bet you had a great time, life is too short not to let your hair down once in a while and enjoy yourself.

Kim @Foody

Thanks everyone. I had a great time. It was my first big night out alone since I split with my boyfriend 8 months ago. I really enjoyed it. They are not my normal taste in music but it was fab and I have no memories to the music too.

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Kim @Foody
London, United Kingdom

Have been a flaker for 48 years. I'm happy in my skin. Please don't message me, I will report you.

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