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How does the psoriatic arthritis pain feel like? Since yesterday I am having throbbing pain in my knee when I run or climb stairs, not sure if it was caused by running without stretching.
Never had this pain even when I ran marathon 2 months ago.


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Don @don1

Stiff and swollen....may not be swollen....but it feels like it.
Dont overthink may have not streached enough.
If it lingers....have it checked...
One of my recent doctors said something to me 3 weeks ago, that just stays pinned in my brain.." no don, its not old age...this pain should not be happening to you"

Im 62.

Vandit @chessperado

Thank you Don, that helps!

Susan @godcares

Vandit when I first developed psoriatic arthritis I believe it was in my knees. Pain going up stairs. It them was in my neck. Believe me my fingers were horrible. Like an old woman with bulbous knuckles. That was in my early 20's. Tough because I type very quickly and that's a huge thing in my life. My diet/lifestyle changes changed the course of my life. I know and remember that pain well... Was always on some sort of pain medication.

Susan @suki

Swelling and stiffness. As Don said, you will be able to feel the swelling but it may not look like much. Also, morning stiffness is terrible. It is difficult to even get out of the bed in the morning.

Sarah @sarahuk

Hey Vandit, I run too and I sometimes wonder this but so far I've only ever pulled my knee and no actual onset of pa (yet)

Gail @GiGi

When I was first diagnosed the pain was in my wrist and hand. I have had two surgeries to remove scar tissue from the tendons in my hand, both times it relieved the pain completely. Since being diagnosed, I have also had several bouts of bursitis and enthesitis, both conditions brought on by PsA. I would say that I have more problems with enthesitis than anything. It can cause a pain in the tendons/ligaments alongside my knee, or alongside my ankle. The pain is constant and throbbing, and say I was going to bend my knee to squat down and pick something up, the pain is excruciating. It comes and goes. I might have a bout for several weeks, then it just disappears. I will say that since moving to the dry desert climate, the PsA discomfort has been minimal, the my skin condition is out of control.

Ania @ania

It feels like burning pain

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Having struggled with Psoriasis for 10+ years, I am trying "hard" to accept my skin condition but will never stop trying to find a cure. Till then, let's enjoy tennis, running, chess, food and designing computer chips.

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