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Hi all,
Should we be treating the root cause of our P and not only the symptoms.
If it's an Autoimmune Disease that causes P, how do we treat our Immune System to stop attacking parts of our body.
Could the cause of P be something else?
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 john,Flakes to beam up
john,Flakes to beam up @chewbacca

hello nan, i think do both, treat with creams and do a sensible psoriasis diet,see how things go,if skin starts getting better then cut down on the creams,i have cut down a lot on creams for the body as i eat sensible, thing is, if the skin is bad then the stress will be aswell and if you have psoriatic arthritis its another stress hence depression for psoriasis or both conditions or more than 2 conditions one may have with psoriasis and dealing with general life issues, bills rent etc, to treat the immune system is by strengthening it repairing it to a degree with vitamins,healthy eating and not putting too many toxins in the body,one may not heal completely but, you can make it a hell of a lot better,i have seen bad psoriasis on someone only yesterday nan,her legs are like the mitchelin man logo that advertises tyres i said that to her yesterday,it did give her a laugh though,its what she is doing is making her skin worse, its what shes doing to her body by whats she eating,we do it to ourselves, not to feel guilty as it is a choice but, i see its true wy i say, its what we psoriatics do that makes psoriasis of the skin happen,we are sensitive to toxins and maybe enviroment aswell with polution etc, i know we are all different, i am still battling but, wont give up :)

Sarah @sarahuk

Definitely agree, Nan. This is much more the focus for me now, after 20 years of getting to understand my p!

Susan @godcares

Nan195 my posts are all about this. I started a probiotic many years ago and was talking to the lady and said "I need help because of my psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis and my lupus" so it was in my early 20's. She could not direct me to anyone who had as many issues as me but she said something that has stuck with me. "Autoimmune, is autoimmune Susan. You treat one, you treat them all." Now it did take time for me and the probiotic wasn't all I did, as you all know. But once I changed my perspective of what autoimmune is, I learned that the root cause is a better way to go than just covering it up. I think Nan, we just forget over the course of living that we continue to put poison of processed foods, alcohol, chips, pop, sugar, cooked foods with marinades, yada yada. Of course I love food but know that my body is my temple and what I eat, I will become. Stress is something that was needed for flight or fight, yet we continue to stress about the things we can't do anything about. We, myself included, live a life that is not that real, finding that quick fix in everything. Quick fix with buying things too, then we are stressed as we don't have money. LOL. I've mentioned the cleanse diet I did decades ago to reboot my body. I did it for a month which changed alot. For this momma, I did alot and am grateful that I was patient. Took time to get sick, took time to get better too. Many of my friends are sick with arthritis, diabetes, pain, yet they continue their lifestyles. Change is a bit tough but soooooo worth embracing, in my gypsy adventurous opinion. LOL. Blessings to you and everyone.

Nan195 @lynnie

So far I'm clear.
John and Susan your diets have worked along with wearing gloves when I have to wash anything, drinking the water and being a good girl...well as good as I can be.
Thank you all for the help and for your time to reply with comments and new Posts,
You are all special and amazing.
Wish I could click my heels together and visit each of you ❤️🌹

 john,Flakes to beam up
john,Flakes to beam up @chewbacca

thank you nan, we definitely need a flaky holiday together all of us , i keep doing lottery,who knows? i will name my island, psoriatic island,there be plenty to do aswell as itching and scratching throughout the day with all the activities mind, itching and scratching is pretty much an activitie for a lot of us and all day :(

Susan @godcares

I'm so happy for you Nan... It's a good life and one that we need to embrace. Yes john... You win the lottery and you are then going to be obligated to take us on that holiday. Oh... The stress!!! LOL.

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Nan195 @lynnie
Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

I wake up happy every morning just grateful to be alive for another day with the ones I love, the blue skies and sunshine and a day to enjoy doing the things I like so much xo

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