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Jack @jack2

All I've wanted to do with myself after leaving school is join the Army, being told I can't because of psoriasis is heart breaking. After applying for the R.A.F and being told the same thing is even worse :( I don't understand why I can't but I guess I have to just move on and follow another career.

 john,AQUA MAN
john,AQUA MAN @chewbacca

hello jack, i had the same problem back in 1987,i couldnt join anything,dont know why maybe, they think we are going spend more time scratching instead of doing the job?sorry you are insecurejack

Sarah @sarahuk

Ah Jack, what reason do they give? Are they worried about medical expenses? My friend couldn't do his pilot training at one company because of hayfever. Another company did accept him, different policies.

Buhle @buhle

Hey Jack. Sorry to hear that hope u feel better

Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Jack. I hope things got better for you these past 6 months? I can't see how the army won't allow people with P to join them. I mean, its not as if P is contagious. It would've been awesome to be able to kill the enemy with our P. lol. We would be in HIGH DEMAND. In SA, some people can't donate blood due to P which is ridiculous of course.

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Jack @jack2
Birmingham, United Kingdom

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