...feeling okay Chris @Chris70


Seen as though its #throwback Thursday where did psoriasis first appear on you? Me it was my elbows


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 john, Psoriasis terminator
john, Psoriasis terminator @chewbacca

hello chris,scalp as a baby, my father first thought it was cradle cap then put worked out that my mother had psoriasis so ,that was it for me :)

Diane @froghop26

On the sole of left foot. My left leg and arm has way more spots than the right side. Not sure why.

Cassierose @Cassie137

My legs at 11years old... I remember my mum taking me round to my cousin's and asking my auntie if she thought it was psoriasis.

Sarah @sarahuk

Me, ears. Both! Inside and behind

Michelle @mishlyn

Hi Chris, It first made it's appearance on my on my inner thighs.

Jessica @saldije12

Hi there! My scalp

Susan @godcares

Mine came at age 7 in my ears and over the next 5 years with a vengeance in and behind my ears and on my scalp. Seriously wet, dripping, scabby behind my ears and thick as a helmet on my head. God it was quite traumatic in elementary and high school. Bullied really badly because it was so ugly looking. Painful too.

Moya @Glowbo

Two little dots, high up on my thigh. They’ve never gone away. They have pet names, now - Itchy and Scratchy!
Then came the elbows and the scalp!
Prior to uvb treatment, which just ended, I had 80% coverage. It’s slready coming back in my scalp and on my elbows 😓

Moya @Glowbo

Already, even ......🤔🙄

Raymond @Rayydissle

It was an ever so tiny dot that would appear on my arm. It would leave and reappear. It was so mild that sometimes I didn't even notice lol The good old days :(

Moya @Glowbo

I remember them! Vaguely!

Nan195 @lynnie

On my knuckle Chris and on the side of an Index finger.
To this day it remains the same,
hasnt spread anywhere else.
Take care 🌹

James @ferns

On top of my head but I had a thick head of hair back then so people could only see the fallout. That's when I started buying oatmeal sweaters.

Barbara @barbara1983

mine first appear on my face and scalp 6 months aftèr my acne cleared up when i was 14. I am now 34 and it is now on about 95% of my body.

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Chris @Chris70
Carlisle, United Kingdom

Cope as well as possible with psoriasis, like reading,cinema,walks,food,football,humorous and all animals even spiders ! Don't like crabs mind the creatures.

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